From 2020 to 2022, our work in Climate focused on tackling our planetary crisis with a circular approach in Vietnam and its neighboring ASEAN region.

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With a population of more than 655 million people and an average waste generation volume of 1.14 kg/capita/day, ASEAN countries are at the forefront of tackling waste production and pollution.


Through our work in Vietnam and ASEAN, we supported upstream innovation initiatives to reduce waste at the source and rethink business models in our targeted sectors, namely: Consumer Packaged Goods, Fashion, and Food Systems.


Our local based approach aimed at leveraging country-specific insights from our stakeholders to drive systems-level change from the ground up through a 3-pillar program approach:
> Building Knowledge & Education to bolster capacity
> Developing Capacity to Implement Solutions
> Testing Innovative Solutions for Scaled Impact

Our Partners

We worked with national and locally based public, private, research and educational organizations to develop innovative products and services to reduce or eliminate waste at the source.

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