Our Vision

The ICM Falk Foundation is a private,
US-based, 501c3 family foundation with a strong legacy of supporting innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship across multiple sectors. The foundation is funded through its own endowment fund.

Our Mission

Building on our support of brave innovation over the past 50 years, the Foundation is now focused on driving human-centric initiatives to drive impact within specific sectors.

Our Legacy

Through David’s legacy and Tony, Ruby, and Zana’s vision, the ICM Falk Foundation has supported brave innovation, both domestically and internationally, for over 50 years. Beginning in the second half of the 20th century through university and governmental partnerships, to now, in the 21st century, where our focus has turned towards the support of systems based thinking and human-centric initiatives. The ICM Falk Foundation has evolved and adapted its philanthropic strategy to ever changing, global market conditions.

David Falk

There is a long legacy of intrepid, action-driven, and radical innovation on both sides of the ICM Falk Foundation family. David Falk, our founder, came of age almost a century ago, when America was synonymous with forward-thinking innovation.

David was a man ahead of his time, with an MIT diploma in his pocket, a deep sense of social justice, and a truly global lens for a change, David began his career as a member of the elite Skunk Works division at Lockheed Martin – a small, selective group assembled to push the boundaries of technology.

David understood that turning a vision into reality required engaging at the local level while keeping a global mindset; to scale ideas that create real change. Changing the world not through the idea of power, but through the power of ideas. He set the path for the course that this family and foundation would take.

In honor of David Falk and the legacy of the organization he worked closely with, the ICM Falk Foundation commits a portion of its funds towards annual Founders’ Grants.

Tony, Ruby & Zana

As the next generation of the ICM Falk Foundation, David’s cousins carried forward his pioneering legacy by investing, supporting and building entrepreneurial projects across the globe.

Ruby, Tony, and their daughter Zana are no strangers to driving impactful positive change. Tony Salzman (along with Zana, serve on the ICM Board of Directors) was inspired to boldly move the family to Vietnam in 1992, where they built one of the first American businesses in Vietnam since Doi Moi. The Vietnamese government awarded Tony the prestigious Friendship Medal for helping to dismantle the U.S. trade embargo on Vietnam in 1994 and supporting the signing of the Bilateral Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Vietnam in 2001. He was also awarded the Capital Development Medal by the Hanoi City People’s Committee for his substantial contributions to the economic and social development of the Vietnamese capital.

By his side and having long been dedicated to Asian development, Ruby Shang assisted the family’s operations in the region. Serving as the Country Director, Asia Director and Advisor for the Clinton Foundation, she established the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in 6 Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. Her work continued with the implementation of energy efficiency and forestry programs, when she eventually became the Asia Director for the Clinton Climate Initiative.

After attending Brown University and the Wharton School for her MBA, Zana is now a Business Strategy Manager at Accenture. Having grown up in Vietnam, she also delved into the developing world as US Projects & Partnerships Lead at The Global Education and Leadership foundation, based in India, prior to her MBA. She continues her involvement in Asia as a supporter of organizations such as The Asia Foundation and the Asian Cultural Council.

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