Social Franchising for growth: A case study with Glassia

In early 2021, the ICM Falk Foundation partnered with Evergreen Labs to foster circular and upstream innovations in Vietnam. Through the strategic partnership, the ICM Falk Foundation grant program supported one of Evergreen Lab’s social enterprises, Glassia.

Developed and established by Evergreen Labs in Da Nang, Glassia is a solution to eliminate plastic waste at the source of glass bottled water. Glassia transforms the linear water bottling value chain into a circular system of “re-collection – sterilization – refill” through an integrated, local, and decentralized model of glass bottling facilities. It produces and distributes high-quality drinking water in glass bottles, as well as delivers and re-collects the bottles in the local areas. The model limits a significant amount of CO2 emitted and its impact on the environment. As of December 2021, 30,000 Glassia water bottles have been filled.

Through the grant program, Evergreen Labs studied the potential of a new market expansion to upscale the Glassia potential in Vietnam. As ICM and EGL understand the importance of understanding markets, the grant studied in-depth market insights including capturing consumer surveys, performing competitor analysis as well as initiating potential partnerships for expansion.

Read about our strategic partnership with Evergreen Labs here and our grant announcement here.

The final report on the Glassia case study is now available in our Knowledge Hub right here!

Evergreen Labs
August 2021 to January 2022
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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