Partnership Announcement: Evergreen Labs


The Ida C. & Morris Falk Foundation

We are partnering with Evergreen Labs to scale up the circular spark and spirit in Vietnam!

Evergreen Labs (EGL) is a DaNang-based Social Venture Builder striving to address Vietnam’s social and environmental challenges with an innovative, circular approach. Founded by Dr. Kasia Weina & Jan Zellmann in 2016, EGL is now on its way to becoming a leading force of impactful change across various sectors in the region. Their current programs encompass Zero Waste, Food Systems, Water for All, and Sustainable Tourism.

This strategic partnership highlights our current efforts to fund, facilitate and foster the circular transition for Vietnam and its region. We will be taking collaborative actions in the Upstream Innovation sphere to grow the circular economy by:

1. Generating new on-the-ground and country-specific knowledge about Circular, Upstream Innovation

2. Piloting and scaling up circular ideas to unlock new values and bridge the zero waste gap

3. Co-building the local ecosystem to leverage more integral, circular efforts

By focusing on leveraging local-centric impacts, we strongly believe this partnership would influence and impact system-level change in Vietnam and the region towards sustainability and circularity.

Stay tuned to learn more about our work as we embark on this exploratory journey as strategic partners.

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Da Nang, Vietnam

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