Plastic Upstream Innovation in Vietnam

With a growing economy and high consumption of plastics, Vietnam as the third largest plastic consumer in ASEAN is in a pivotal transition towards circularity. To gradually reduce reliance on a take-make-waste economy, countries are showing signs of an effort to empower the upstream innovation ecosystem, where novel economic opportunities in alignment with sustainable development are emerging.

Through Transitioning towards Plastic Circularity: Vietnam’s Upstream Future, readers are guided through the state of play of the current plastic innovation ecosystem based on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s classification of upstream solutions. Readers will also learn more about the current upstream solutions landscape in Vietnam ranging from biomass alternatives to refill business models. The paper also aims to provide general growth paths recommendations for this nascent but vibrant community to thrive with multi-stakeholder collaboration and daring program design.

Watch our launch webinar here and read the white paper here!

Evergreen Labs
March 2022

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