Launch Webinar for “Transitioning Towards Plastic Circularity”


By the Ida C. & Morris Falk Foundation, in collaboration with Evergreen Labs & The Incubation Network

The webinar “Transitioning towards plastic circularity: Vietnam’s new upstream innovation future” served as the launch event of the ICM Falk Foundation’s release of the eponymous White Paper on the state of play in Vietnam’s upstream innovation ecosystem, including market findings, success stories and recommendations for a multi-stakeholder transition towards plastic circularity in Vietnam.

You can now access the White Paper HERE.

With a growing economy and high consumption of plastics, Vietnam as the third largest plastic consumer in ASEAN is in a pivotal transition towards circularity. To gradually reduce reliance on a take-make-waste economy, countries are showing signs of an effort to empower the upstream innovation ecosystem, where novel economic opportunities in alignment with sustainable development are emerging.

Through keynote presentations, a panel discussion and Q&A section, regional ecosystem builders and local innovators will share their on-the-ground insights and pragmatic advice on building the upstream innovation ecosystem within Vietnam and how to drive its market transition towards circularity. The webinar will welcome the participation of upstream entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders:

Entrepreneurs panel:

  • Jan Zellmann, Founder of Glassia Vietnam
  • Markus Gnirck, Founder of Lecka Vietnam

Ecosystem builders panel:

  • Matteo Chiampo, Director of Operations at The Incubation Network
  • Shravan Shankar, Co-founder of At.Works
  • Gautam Ramnath, Executive Director at the ICM Falk Foundation

Moderated by Tiphaine Pham, Strategic & Program Advisor at the ICM Falk Foundation

The Ida C. & Morris Falk Foundation (ICM Falk Foundation) is a private, 501c3 family foundation that seeks to support innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership that drives positive, equitable, and sustained impact for the world’s communities and ecosystems. Building on the global commitment to the Circular Economy, the Foundation is now actively focused on the design and development of innovative solutions that contribute to the reduction of waste and pollution within Asia.

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