Webinar: Creativity without Compromise – Connecting sustainability knowledge and practice to support the creative industry


By the ICM Falk Foundation, in collaboration with Behalf Studio, under the framework of the 2021 Vietnam Festival of Creativity and Design

Presented by ICM Falk Foundation and Behalf Studio, the talk will gather sustainability enthusiasts from the creative fields around the theme of Circular & Sustainable Design in Vietnam’s creative industries where circular design concepts will be explained through practical questions from the audience in order to bolster the understanding of sustainable creative design.

In an urban context, durable design is crucial for long-lasting and sustained development. Practitioners from all sectors of the economy must aim towards a Circular Economy transition where design would be at the source of waste and pollution prevention – this is what we call Upstream innovation. Hence, design has always been at the core of sustainability where waste is designed out from the very beginning.

In the case of Vietnam, the importance of design as the core of a sustainable and circular urban environment is not as clear. When “design” is mentioned within a young audience, interior or graphic design come to mind, but rarely do we hear the terms “circular design” or “biomimicry”. Sustainability strategies carried out by local businesses usually lack the systemic vision necessary to tackle human and environmental issues altogether.

A fundamental misunderstanding exists between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability in Vietnam.

Moderator: Giang Pham, Creative Director, Founder, Behalf Studio

Presentor: Tiphaine Pham, Strategic & Program Advisor, ICM Falk Foundation


Vũ Hoàng Anh (Founder, A Creative Company Ltd.) is a Vietnamese designer working across disciplines from product design to creative direction. He received his BFA from Ohio Wesleyan University where he was trained as a sculptor. Such academic background allows Anh to apply his craftsmanship and earn valuable experience from hands-on collaborations with independent artists and designers.

Lindsay Nutley (Director of Marketing, QLM Group) has a background in Hospitality and Loyalty Program Marketing. Lindsay has worked with the QLM Label Makers Group for the past 15 years. His role has seen him develop a range of solutions and training programs for both customers and internally, to promote the adoption and understanding of sustainability within the print and packaging industry. He provides an interesting and unvarnished view of the options and adoption of these techniques in an industry often on the wrong side of the conversation.

Dr. Kasia Weina (Director and Founding Partner, Evergreen Labs) has an extensive background in science & startups which offers diverse perspectives in strategic impact business, SEA startups, and innovation. She is a founding partner of Evergreen Labs established in Danang in 2016, and a creative business lab building social businesses that solve environmental and social challenges in emerging Asia. Her strong, positive leadership combined with creative business model design increases organizational efficiencies, improves sustainable revenue, and proves that businesses can operate by utilizing a triple bottom line framework.



Building upon its strong legacy of radical innovation, the Ida C. and Morris Falk Foundation focuses on encouraging a global commitment to the New Plastics Economy through local solutions that permanently reduce the amount of waste production and pollution. In the spirit of its founder’s ethos, the mission of the family foundation is to support innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership that drive positive, equitable, and sustained impact for the world’s communities and ecosystems. ICM Falk Foundation supports scalable and sustainable solutions through a collaborative, collective impact approach, in order to undertake “a lot with a little” whilst upholding its core values.


Behalf is a creative hideout of prudent thinkers, and a well-kept secret based in Saigon, Vietnam. Nothing makes them more excited than an opportunity to work on interesting and meaningful projects, with nice and ardent people around the world. Through forming collaborative bonds with their clients, Behalf helps find solutions to their creative challenges, be it creating a lively and appealing brand existence, or tailoring a new outfit for their products to gain customer’s love, or kerning some raffinato Bodoni on a delightful publication.


This event is part of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021 organised by RMIT University Vietnam in collaboration with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS), COLAB Vietnam and other partners, with Hanoi Grapevine as media partner.

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