Rethinking The World’s Waste: Circular Economy | Climate For Change: Closing The Loop | Ep 1/2



By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than marine life. And plastic has a notoriously long life in landfills. We meet entrepreneurs discovering new ways to retrieve plastic from our waterways, turning it into fuel or back into plastic again. Others look to reduce single-use plastic in our daily lives, by working on alternative materials.

Food waste does not seem to make sense in a world where so many are hungry, but it’s a major problem. And food in landfills releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. In this series, CNA INSIDER meets the people trying to divert food from landfills in New Zealand and Singapore by repurposing it for human consumption, animal feed and now even biofuel. They also meet entrepreneurs in the USA and Europe going a step further to avoid producing food from animals completely. They’re developing cultivated meat, now on sale in Singapore. Is this the food of the future?

Part 2 of Climate For Change: Closing The Loop HERE.

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