Introducing the New Face of ICM Falk


The Ida C. and Morris Falk Foundation is moving forward and we want you to join us!  

We are pleased to announce the official rebranding and launch of our new website !  

The Board of Directors along with our Management team are excited to share our vision of fostering  innovation for economic growth. The Foundation has a long legacy of contributing to the arts, health  and education within the USA and in Asia. Building on what we have learnt, the Foundation is proud  to pivot towards co-creating holistic solutions that address plastics pollution through reuse,  reduction and circularity based innovations.  

We realize that no one can do this on their own – whether you are a startup, an incubator/accelerator,  a university or a non-profit/international organization. Collaboration is key to our work and we would  love to hear from you, learn about the great work you are doing and find ways to partner for  co-impact.  

Follow us on LinkedIn for ongoing updates on our journey towards Plastics Innovation and  Circularity, and to learn about inspiring local and global innovations. Join us in the movement to  tackle plastics pollution through innovative, circular and sustainable solutions!  

You can always reach us at or send us a message on LinkedIn.   


About the ICM Falk Foundation 

The Ida C. & Morris Falk Foundation is a private, 501c3 family foundation that seeks to support  innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership that drives positive, equitable and sustained impact for  the world’s communities and ecosystems. Building on the global commitment for the New Plastics  Economy, the Foundation is now actively focused on innovative solutions that contribute to the  reduction of plastics production, waste and pollution within Vietnam. 

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