Grant Announcement: ICM Circular Innovation Curriculum developed with KisImpact


We are excited to be partnering with KisImpact to design an enriching learning experience for students to get innovative for a circular economy!

Based on ICM Falk’s experience working directly with universities and students, combined with our field research and interviews, it was clear that a new type of training offering was necessary. Students needed to not only learn about Circular Economy principles and their macroeconomic implications but required applications, case studies, and field exercises. Students need to learn more than simple entrepreneurship theory and general impact concepts; consistent application and concrete examples are necessary for a successful educational journey.

Hence, we will be working with KisImpact through a grant to develop a free, open-source program where Circular Economy, coupled with Innovation & Design methodologies, will be explained through concrete case studies and applied in community-based problem-solving exercises.

The project is expected to finish with a pilot with students and professors in Vietnam by early November 2022.

You are welcome to join us in testing out this novel curriculum. Follow our social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter, and stay in touch for timely updates on this exciting project!

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Da Nang, Vietnam

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