A Resource Map for Vietnam’s Circular Economy


Open database of initiatives within Vietnam’s Circular Economy of Plastics to foster synergy.

By building on-the-ground projects, developing partnerships & talking to cross-sectoral stakeholders, the ICM Falk Foundation has witnessed staunch progress, proving an up-and-coming circular ecosystem in Vietnam. More and more resources are being developed to help bridge knowledge silos and provide financial & technical means to enable circular innovations around the world and within Vietnam.

Yet in a circular economy, collaboration is key. And currently, there is a clear need for an overall picture of existing efforts and stakeholders within the ecosystem in order to enable just that.

In an effort to build a thriving & efficient circular economy ecosystem in Vietnam, we’d like to announce a special product that our team has been building since the early days of our program in Vietnam – The resource map for Vietnam’s Circular Economy.

With this map, we hope to:

1. Showcase CE projects to support more focused collaborative efforts

2. Faster connections to ideate and deploy co-impact projects

3. Provide a shortcut to knowledge, support & opportunities

This map will be helpful for:

1. Sustainability enthusiasts who are looking to understand the basics of Circular Economy

2. Governmental & non-governmental organizations who are building knowledge-base products in the field of Circular Economy

3. Innovators & entrepreneurs looking for resources and support to improve their understanding & practices of circularity.

What’s more? This map will be constantly updated and expanded! We are working with different co-impact partners to expand this map to illustrate the landscape of initiatives & stakeholders in Vietnam’s Circular Economy ecosystem as well. Follow us and stay tuned for further exciting developments of this initiative. Get in touch if you would like to co-fund & develop this initiative with us.

Want to be included in this resource map? Reach out to us to receive a submission form!

By the ICM Falk Foundation
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